4 quick and easy tips for a healthy diet


Cut Out Carbs

American foods are typically high in sugar and carbohydrates. They are in everything, to staggering degrees! Sugar and carbohydrates store fat quickly and pack on the pounds. They also leave the body feeling hungry and weak. Typical Americans eat far too many carbs and sugars in their foods and not enough protein and fiber. Reducing or cutting out carbs for foods rich in protein and fiber help the body to lose weight quickly. Foods with high amounts of fiber and/or protein include eggs, avocado, nuts, cheese, veggies, berries, lean meats, and nut butters. Foods with high starch, sugar, and carbs to avoid are breads, pastas, certain fruits, juices and smoothies, and desserts.

Increase Water Intake

Most people walk around in a constant state of dehydration. Even if the body doesn’t feel thirsty, it’s likely that there are other symptoms present to show dehydration such as headaches or even hunger. When a person begins to monitor their water intake and drink more, fat is more easily flushed out of the body. Water flow helps clean the body of toxins. Those who drink more water also eat less because they feel fuller. Water can help speed up the metabolism to burn fat more quickly. No matter what someone may be doing to lose weight, supplementing that with greater water intake will speed up the weight loss process.

Eat Less More Often

Diets rarely work and often leave you starving, head hurting, and grumpy. Many people diet so strongly at first that they feel starved and they binge during a slip up. It is definitely difficult to make different eating choices a permanent part of your routine. One of the best tips is to stop eating three normal sized meals and start eating six smaller meals. Eating more often will keep your metabolism running longer and will help you from getting hunger pangs. Store snacks everywhere you regularly go: at work, in your nightstand at home, in your car, in your purse, etc. and eat smaller portions more often. Choose foods that are high in protein so that you don’t feel hungry right away. Continue to enjoy the foods that you like, just spread them out more. Split things in half that you would normally eat in one sitting and try saving the other half for the next day. Healthy snacking all day long is far better for your metabolism than eating just three meals a day.

Give Up Drinking

This doesn’t just include alcohol! While alcohol is terrible for your body as it turns directly into sugar (which quickly becomes fat) as soon as it hits your bloodstream, juices, smoothies, and soda are also packed with sugar. Even some drinks which may seem healthier, like bottled green tea, often have way too much sugar in them. Creamer that goes into coffee often has loads of sugar. Even fruit juice has natural sugars in it, and some juices add sugar on top of that. Special drinks pack on calories quickly. Even smoothies are high in sugars and carbs and many smoothie shops will use sherbets and ice creams to make the taste sweeter. Drinking sugary drinks are one of the worst ways to pack on weight. For quickest weight loss results, swap all your drinks during the day for water.